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In the glorious era of internet , website can act as an online brochure introducing the company , products and services your images , audio and video to life. Partners , customers can access to see a quick , no time to wait to send the mail . Businesses save a lot of cost of printing , mailing and are always updating information in a convenient way . It is also a means of building professional company image in the eyes of customers .

Enterprise can support customers through websites such as answering questions , counseling , providing technical documentation , warranty registration , and can chat with customers online . Through the website , customers can also contact the business as quickly as possible .

Designing websites is simply not true write up a few files on the command line or internet ! Website design also makes business image , an individual or even a nation on the global information superhighway good or bad to go ! The web design is not hard ...

Website of the customer not only eye-catching , fast loading , meet customer needs , user -friendly but also friendly to Google , Yahoo , Bing ( the popular search engines today ) to website is always a high position on search engines . The website will promote more simple if you website is programmed with the search engine -friendly from the start . With the development of talented engineers , professionals, Vietnam SEO will design for you a website with everything you need to harness the strengths of the internet , making the reader interested in learning more about :

Service company customers .
Helps you identify customers .
Create the form and feel according to the specific needs of the customer .
Make the site are always lively and eye-catching access .

We are proud to have designed unique web sites , working closely with our customers from start to finish. And if you are still wondering chosen not know how , we will advise and offer expert advice .
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Why Vietnam SEO to help you design websites ?
Your website will be installed with search engine friendly bots ( search engines ) to search for potential customers of the customer from the internet .

Your data will be encrypted to avoid data loss from hosting administrator or hacker ( prevention case you buy rival of customer information from a customer 's hosting administrator ) .
The source code of the website you will be encrypted to prevent hackers or hosting manager 's appropriation to a website similar versions .
The site received data will be installed code base against hackers spam protection information , subsequent requests to the server as the server congested .
Website of our customers will be maintained indefinitely to ensure that you are satisfied with the website and the website brings real benefits to customers .
Website You will be fitted free functions such as monitoring customers to our website where you ( visitor tracking ) , time tracking , ip , host of the admin login on website administrator ( admin logs - to admin account for the loss of directional processing time ) .

Website Design Process

The two sides signed the contract . You pay 30 % immediately after the contract is signed (phase I) .
You will send company information , logo , product images email us . If the file size is too big , our staff will come to our office to receive you .
We will demo website for customer interface .
Update and modify the interface of the customer request .
After you agree to our website interface , we will carry out the function of website programming .
Updated website features requested by customers .
After you agree to the website functions , the two sides will conduct acceptance test .
You pay us 70 % of the remaining contract value (phase II ) .
We're one of the customers website to the hosting , maintenance as required by the customer.

Website brings great influence on the image of your business on the internet , choosing a web design company reputation and the quality is always difficult. SEO Vietnam proudly affirm to you that you can absolutely rest assured when using our services . Because of the following reasons :

Our team of website designers are experts

Our staff are experts

Our team of programmers and graphic design experts at CTC Vietnam is the outstanding individuals in my profession , have many years of experience working in the information technology company leading in and out of the water . Each directly involved in implementing a series of projects designed website and graphic design for many individuals and organizations within and outside the country . It can be affirmed that " We fully mastered the technology and is willing to meet your every need ."

The interface is the only website

Vietnam does not use SEO and interface design to apply to many customers . Your website will be tailored a unique interface and consistent with industry sector your business . We do not impose your thoughts and preferences on your own , the cross stitch designs will have to censor your own and you have to be accepted like that .

Easily manage and administer the website

Website will be to create a system admin friendly , flexible , easy to update changes . We aim to make system administration easier and more require increasingly less knowledge about your technology .

Technical Support enthusiastic 24/7 - Guarantee Permanent

Your website will be designed and used 1 times forever . The entire system is warranted permanent website during use . Our staff is ready technical support 24/7 for you in the process of operating and managing website .

* We would like to introduce some typical customer has partnered with SEO Vietnam in recent years . Please see the guest list HERE
* Please contact or call 0917 212 969 ( 24/ 7) for a free consultation for the development of e- commerce business customers .

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