SEO Audit

 What is SEO Audit? For those who do not know about SEO or the beginners learn about SEO, perhaps this vague concept. Here, Viet Solution will share with you to help you better understand the SEO Audit.
What is SEO Audit?
SEO Audit is an important step and necessary throughout the process of implementing an overall SEO campaign. SEO Audit is to do the work of most of the SEO experts performing any SEO project.
While you're doing SEO Audit, SEO experts will review, evaluate and analyze your website. Since then, compared with the criteria of the search engine and statistics back to the criteria that your website has met or not met. Finally, the SEO experts will offer a planner, strategic short and long term in a specific way.
Or in other words, SEO Audit is the diagnostic stage (disease) for your website and making methods, the treatment plan.
In a nutshell, SEO Audit will help you know what needs to be done and deploy to your site are the search engines appreciate. From there, you can attract a traffic and potential customers.
Why do you need to do SEO Audit?
To have a website rank high on the search results page, your website needs to meet the criteria that the supplier search engine launched. Also, because there are many other criteria, but the vendor did not reveal, these criteria are typically drawn from the experiences and trials from SEO experts.
Because SEO Audit consists of plans and strategies for your SEO process, you will easily measurable, statistical evaluation and better efficiency. SEO Audit will help you do SEO in a sequence, and professional articles. Scientists working with, you'll save time, costs and maximize efficiency in the best way.
Currently, there are many tools to assist you do the job as SEO Audit. However, most of these tools only give the review and evaluation of the criteria of the search engines. These tools can not offer you a good plan and strategy by humans or SEO experts. Also, because the search engine provider also regularly changed and updated algorithms. Typically, Google began in 2011 claimed to have about 500 updates per year. The support tools are often slow to update the new criteria slower because it takes a process of editing and updating it.
Therefore, if you really care about and invest in brand promotion through search engines, you should use SEO Audit services from companies providing SEO services. Because SEO is often their jobs are also the people who capture and keep track of new updates.

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