Consulting SEO Services in Vietnam for Foreigners

Providing advice on SEO services in Vietnam for foreigners is an essential process to ensure you choose an appropriate and effective partner. Below is a guide to effectively consult SEO services in Vietnam:
  1. Define Business Objectives: Before initiating consultation, clearly define your business objectives. Are you aiming to increase sales, enhance website engagement, or improve brand awareness? This helps you find SEO services that align with your goals.
  2. Grasp SEO Basics: Prior to advising, have a solid grasp of fundamental SEO concepts. This enables you to ask informed questions during the consultation process.
  3. Research the Market: Understand the Vietnamese market thoroughly. Learn about market characteristics, consumer search habits, and your competitors. This enables you to provide effective localized strategies.
  4. Choose Reliable Partners: It's crucial to find a trustworthy and experienced SEO service partner. Check reputation, completed projects, and client reviews to ensure service quality.
  5. Direct Interaction: If feasible, arrange a direct meeting with the SEO service partner. Discuss strategies, work methods, and implementation plans. This helps you assess their capability to meet your requirements.
  6. Inquire about Specific Strategies: Ask the SEO service partner about their specific strategies for your project. Do they have plans for content optimization, link building, user experience improvement, and performance tracking?
  7. Agree on Pricing and Services: Ensure clarity regarding pricing and service scope. Reach agreements on payment terms, timelines, and specific commitments.
  8. Encourage Creativity and Adaptation: Consulting also involves suggesting creative ideas. Consider whether the partner can propose innovative, differentiated strategies to enhance performance.
  9. Understand Reporting and Result Evaluation: Inquire about the type of reports they'll provide and how they evaluate the results of your SEO campaign.
  10. Establish a Partnership Strategy: Ultimately, establish a partnership strategy with the SEO service provider. This includes setting specific goals, planning, and creating a schedule for monitoring and evaluating results.
In summary, consulting SEO services in Vietnam for foreigners requires a solid understanding of SEO fundamentals, finding a reliable partner, and identifying suitable strategies for your project. Establishing a strong collaborative relationship is crucial to achieve the best results in your SEO campaign.

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Are cheap SEO services as good as you think? Reasons you should stay away

Currently, up to 55% of businesses invest in SEO services. Accompanying that is that there are many criteria for choosing an SEO service provider, the most prominent of which cannot be ignored: cheap SEO. This could also be one of your many criteria!

However, before your business considers choosing an SEO service package, it is important to answer the following question: What are cheap SEO services and what can a cheap keyword SEO company provide? What for your business?

If you already have the correct answer to the above question, you can contact GTV SEO directly to receive a detailed SEO quote or call 0919-009-319 to plan an SEO Marketing strategy right now.

What are cheap SEO services?

First of all, it must be affirmed: expensive is not always good. And of course, not every cheap SEO run is poor quality.

But the important thing you need to consider carefully before making any buying and selling decisions related to expensive - cheap is: why is it expensive, or why is it cheap? What constitutes that expensive or cheap?

Outside the market there are many products with the same item, but the price of each place is different. However, for the service industry in general and especially SEO - Search engine optimization in particular, it is different.

Not all businesses find SEO 45 million to be expensive! Not all businesses think SEO 15 million is cheap. But there is an objective truth: good SEO services are not cheap.

Let me give you 10 reasons: why hiring cheap web SEO services is not good at all.

10 reasons to avoid cheap web SEO services

1. The price of “cheap” and cheap SEO

With a low SEO budget, you will also get a lot done. But in return, these things will often take a lot of time. For example, keyword research, page optimization and some technical optimization for the website. I say some, because there will be many special problems that need to be developed by the developer. But of course – if you want to hire a developer, you will need to use money.

So, without an abundant budget, you cannot do well in keyword research, page optimization, and other technical optimizations.

I know you're thinking: is it better than nothing, right? But believe me, it's not a smart choice.

Because, what the business earns may be okay with the money the business spends. But it certainly won't be enough to meet the potential brand development strategy as well as the potential business development strategy or nothing compared to your expectations, right?

Moreover, the two main factors that promote a website are content and backlinks. Both of these factors require a lot of time and money. Cheap web SEO then:
This will lead to 2 problems:
  1. Write quality content that is "poor" and unstable.
  2. Using gray or black backlinks leads to a penalized website.

2. Risks in the long run with cheap keyword SEO

We all want to spend as little as possible when doing business. But there are things you can't save. And SEO website to the top of Google is one of them.

There will be many services out there that promise to bring back well-stocked fishing boats with enough money to buy a couple of fishing rods. Do you believe in that equally bright and promising prospect?

Losses from cheap SEO don't come immediately, but sooner or later, they will. The losses that I can mention right here:
That means you are wasting your energy and losing opportunities. While competitors are still constantly optimizing to entice customers. And that is much more expensive than the high-priced SEO service that you have hesitated to choose.

3. Don't create value with cheap web SEO

Quality content and backlinks are the assets of the business, bringing lasting value. But cheap SEO does not, because the budget is meager, so they will not have enough money to maintain good links or create quality content, or both.

4. If you want to expand, you have to do it on a mass scale

Most cheap SEOs work in mass stereotypes. Because even if they want to create breakthroughs, they do not have enough resources to do so. Search engine optimization requires constant change.

Although the principles of quality SEO are not different, each business will use separate SEO website top tips. Customers at different times also have different needs and requirements. If you use the same method for every customer, it will not be effective.

5. Poor quality customer service

In addition, cheap SEO cannot support and take good care of you. For the sake of simplicity: they don't have the time.

These businesses often have to focus their resources on finding new customers to increase their revenue, they will not have time to focus on improving quality and expertise, meeting your detailed requirements.

In contrast, reputable SEO agencies always put customers first. Because that's what they need to do and have to do to retain customers. Customers have spent a large amount of money and patience for the effective SEO process of the web to the top of Google, so they cannot betray that trust and expectation.

A good agency will understand that search engine optimization needs to be creative, it needs to be in-depth. From there, it is possible to find out the key points of each project. No project is the same.

If you focus on improving service quality and expertise, there's no need to find new customers at all costs. And if you focus on finding new customers, you also won't be able to improve your quality or expertise, which is the opportunity cost that website SEO service businesses are forced to accept.

6. Experience is priceless

To SEO to the top cheaply, it is necessary to hire cheap human resources, and often they are inexperienced. Professional organizations do not have cheap services because they have to hire pretty good staff, even experts. Therefore they will not be able to bear the average price.

7. Use “Black Hat” SEO Techniques

While professional seo companies adhere to Google's guidelines and use white hat seo techniques, cheap seo companies often choose black hat seo techniques to deceive search engines and achieve goals. KPI targets initially committed to customers. However, when Google or other search engines find out, they will rate the Website badly, the consequences can range from a drop in website rankings to complete removal from the search system. This significantly damages the reputation and trust of the business.

8. No sustainable value

In fact, search engines often change their algorithms constantly. This requires SEO companies to own quality resources with long-term value such as content, images and backlinks to ensure effectiveness. However, cheap SEO companies often cannot meet this requirement because of lack of resources and do not provide quality articles and backlinks. So, whether in the near or far future, using cheap SEO services is not the solution worth choosing.
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Consulting SEO services in Vietnam

9. Same SEO strategy for the whole campaign

When choosing a company that provides professional SEO services, you will receive advice on the most suitable solutions for your business. These service providers will conduct thorough research on competitors, products, and advise on choosing the right strategy for your business, to ensure the best results.

As for cheap SEO services, you are only provided with a general strategy without a detailed analysis of the suitability for the company, product/service, industry and competitors. As a result, your SEO work will not get the results you want, and in some cases, you can lose money without reaping any significant benefits.
cheap seo

10. Waste of money, zero benefits

When using cheap web SEO services, the effect achieved is often unstable. In a short time, your website can increase in rankings quickly, but at the same time, it can also drop significantly. Some businesses can even be penalized if the SEO company is not operating professionally.
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